Week Five – The Video Testimonial for Quick Start Challenge

If the previous five weeks were not a good indicator that success only comes when one moves away from their comfort zone, this week is all that and more.

Dean and Craig’s Challenge – prepare a testimonial to the Quick Start Challenge.  Simple enough, I thought.  But wait!  What was that?  We have to make a video, post it to YouTube, use Quick Start Challenge Testimonial in the Title and then embed it into our blog for the week.

Oh suuuure!  That’s what I’ve always wanted to do!

Well, in further explanation, we need not appear on the video – though it was encouraged.  We ‘could’ prepare a slide show style video.  But this challenge is about moving out of our ‘Comfort Zones’, so here it goes.

My video testimonial is here.   I hope you enjoy it.

While I’ve not fully kept up my posting and assignments, I am continuing to work on them and will be posting in the next week to describe what I am learning.  Until then, I hope you’ve enjoyed the video.

Dean Holland and Craig Crawford – thank you both, very very much!


Why Start An Online Business?

The Week Two Assignment for the Quick Start Challenge – 2018 is to answer the following questions:

  • Why have I started an online business?
  • What do I want?
  • What is my dream life?
  • What monthly income ‘goal’ will make it happen?

I mentioned in an earlier post, that my primary focus was with ‘brick-and-mortar’ local business.  My aim was to help them get their message out online, and to use that means to market their business.

In that approach I did have success.  Not the shiny Ferrari type of success so many proclaim, but I paid the bills and my wife and I were comfortable.

Then my wife got sick, and the income was no longer enough.  After four years, without health insurance, my wife passed away and there were no longer any savings.  It was all gone, and so was much of my initiative to try and rebuild.  That was nearly 4 years ago.

I’m participating in the Quick Start Challenge – 2018 because I see it as a way of taking stock: Where I am and Where I’d like to go.  And this week’s assignment comes at a good time.  In a little more than a year, October 2019, I will marry again.  My first “must do” is to clear lingering debt, so my future wife, Janice, will not have that hanging over us.

I also spent the weekend talking with her about how she’d like to live and what retirement would look like to her.  We’d both like a house large enough so her daughter and granddaughter might visit on occasion.  We’ve also many friends who live in other states, and we’d like to be able to invite them to visit as well.  So a home with 3 bedrooms (counting the Master) and en-suite bathrooms would be very nice.

I’ve also enjoyed history all my life, and would very much enjoy visiting landmark cities such as Paris and Rome.  And Janice has many relatives in Ireland.  So traveling, as much as a month a time, once a year would be a grand retirement.

To put this into monetary terms, my business needs to generate $15,000/mo the first year to cover old bills, the wedding and honeymoon.  The annual trip would be budgeted at $20,000, so given the house and travel, I would need to scale the business up to $25,000/mo for a period of 5 years.  That would let us travel while working.  After that time, I plan to sell my business and fully enjoy my life with Janice.

A pipe dream?  Actually no.  If something is important enough, one finds a way to succeed.  I’ve spent a sad four years now, and realize I’m still vibrant, and capable to doing much more than I have.  So, Quick Start Challenge, and Dean Holland and Craig Crawford – let’s get to work!

Time for a Reset – and a Challenge?

I started working with off-line businesses back in 2012, specifically restaurants, a sports club and two festivals.  My ‘brand’, if one could call it that, was helping bricks-and-mortar businesses find their Social Voice on the internet.

For several years, I did okay.   Made enough to pay the bills.  Then ownership of my clients changed, and suddenly I had no clients.   I created this website back in 2016, and made posts for about a year.  And then?   Well, my posts were helpful to some, but didn’t bring in the business activity I needed.

My problem?  Then and now, I really didn’t understand how to use my website to best advantage.  Specifically, I want to offer value and attract those who would like help in getting their social message out to the community.

It’s clear to me (finally!) that I need to reassess what I’m trying to do online and, as important, who I’m trying to help and how I will do that.  Earlier this week, Dean Holland and Craig Crawford began the sixth edition of their Quick Start Challenge – 2018.  I’m participating in this challenge as it is a good refresher.  And, it is my hope it will give me a new starting point put my business on the ‘right track’.

I will continue to post here throughout the five-week course:  Quick Start Challenge – 2018.  I hope my observations will be useful, and that you will wish to follow along.